Paleo is Expensive? For Whom?

I reposted CaveMomma’s post on this topic on Facebook and needed to say more, specifically on feeding a family.

Look, feed your children.  Feed them the BEST food that you _can_.  Feed them the freshest food that you can, made from as little grain as possible.   Buy it as locally as possible, even grow your own.   Examine your food from a Good, Better, Best perspective. 

First, DON’T EAT GRAIN (or grain oils or legumes) avoid dairy and minimize your exposure to High Fat, Corn Fed animal products in general.  Then, take your fishoil and follow the G<B<B rules:

Good < Better < Best
Frozen (Fruits) Veggies < (Well, Marginally <) Non-Organic Fresh < Organic
Lean Corn Fed < Grass Fed < Grass Fed and Finished
Normal Eggs < Free Range < Cage Free, Free Range, NOT Vegetarian Eggs

Food is fuel, and you don’t put Diesel in a Ferrari.  If all you can do is Good, then eat good food.  Eat as high on the scale as you can afford.  Higher Quality Protein is worth more to your overall health and longevity than fruits and veggies, so use your dimes wisely toward good health.  We distribute costs by buying good food in bulk.  CSAs, cow shares and local farmer’s markets.  Through these practices we have made friends with local farmers and artisans and started to take a hand in how that food is grown and delivered.

Cost is relative.  If paying a little more money in food meant that my child didn’t have to take an inhaler anymore, I’d do it.  If it meant that I got off Lipitor, Zantac, Prednisone, RA Meds or whatever, I’d be all over it and happily spend every dime saved NOT buying drugs on more Grassfed beef, wild caught fish and local, organic produce.  If it meant that I will live longer, got to play with my kids more and play with them in sport, then it’s worth it. 

Sure, it takes longer to cook food.  We see it as an opportunity to involve our children in the rhythm of our home.  We believe that it is important for them to see the care we take in feeding them so that they will consider food with the same respect and understanding when they AREN’T in our home and make healthy decisions because of it. 

I WON’T feed my children things that I believe to be poison; things that I KNOW to have a negative impact on their behavior and health, and that I know cause them physical distress.  I won’t suggest that you to do it for my reasons.  I typically suggest that people try it for thirty days.  REALLY try it, and if it doesn’t work; if you aren’t healthier (that is, your bio-markers of health aren’t improved), go back and eat grains, legumes and dairy and forget my suggestion.  But I’ll tell you this.  My children’s behavior and health are improved, my wife’s addiction to eating is broken, her mental health improved and everything about my health is improved.  Everything.

The food might cost more in the short run (I don’t buy the argument), but the the savings speak for themselves.


About cacharbe

Software Engineer, ALM Specialist, Professional Improviser, Lv 1 Certified CrossFit trainer. I eat Paleo and coach others in being successful eating whole, unprocessed, nutritious foods.
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5 Responses to Paleo is Expensive? For Whom?

  1. CAVEMomma says:

    Thank you! Great post

  2. cacharbe says:

    We have to spread the word and break the illusion that eating healthily is somehow less attractive than eating to kill oneself.

  3. Esther says:

    Awesome post! 🙂

    • cacharbe says:

      Thanks. There is so much info out there on how to do this that the ‘its too expensive’ excuse is just a lame excuse to allow people to continue to be afraid and face their food issues.

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