Food as Fuel

It’s been a few days since I’ve updated here, mostly because my food choices have been adequate, but nothing extraordinary (all good, wholesome paleo, but no wild game or funky salsa or new and exciting recipes) and my time in the gym was normal.  I had a lot of work to get done last week and a ton of normal life to deal with, which meant that I was falling back to my generic fare –  Chicken Breasts, steamed veggies, nuts, seeds and coconut milk for fats.

I really don’t mind eating that way, and most people are disappointed when they hear my typical “Work Week” weekly diet.  “I could never eat that way ALL the time.”  The point is that sometimes you need to treat your food as fuel.  Get on with your life and pay attention to all the little things you’ve let slip and feed your body to get it through all the bullshit. I love eating a coffee rubbed, cast iron pan broiled sirloin as much as the next guy, but sometimes I have more things to worry about, and a chicken breast is tasty and easily cooked in bulk, steamed veggies are good and good for me, and a handful of almonds can go with me when I have to go to a meeting, get in the car and drive a couple of hours or wrestle a four year old into doing something she doesn’t want to do.

This week is going to be a little better.  I had leftover pork roast with sweet potatoes and apples for lunch yesterday, some turkey breast and steamed broccoli and cauliflower for dinner.  Today is some spicy chicken breast and steamed veggies for lunch and probably apple cider marinaded pork loin for dinner tonight (some veggies will be involved, I have several to choose from).  Tomorrow I plan to make some chicken breast and chicken/apple sausage cooked in coconut oil and tossed with carrots and broccoli (which will give me enough for leftovers for Thursday). 

Really, that’s a typical “Work Week” food selection.  I can’t cook anything complex, given my lack of facilities, so I have to be creative.  Byerly’s has some excellent precooked selections that I’ve done the investigation on for ingredients and cooking methods.  I buy organic, steam in the bag veggies and a couple of apples or pints of berries, I bring a selection of nuts and seeds as well as some homemade paleo crunch from home and I eat simply.  I treat my food as fuel, and I want to make sure that, at any given meal, I’m putting the best fuel I can into my body, given my current situation.  Sometimes, I get extravagant and do something special, but it all starts from finding the right fuel and always having some ready to put in the tank.


About cacharbe

Software Engineer, ALM Specialist, Professional Improviser, Lv 1 Certified CrossFit trainer. I eat Paleo and coach others in being successful eating whole, unprocessed, nutritious foods.
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