Rough week last week

Uncompressed (I’ll get a smaller version up, I was short on time) video I shot during my drive to work (don’t worry, camera was mounted):

Last week I hit the wall that I’ve heard people talk about.  I thought I was going to skate passed it.  Most people say they hit it at the end of week two or three, and I was already well into week four so I figured that my living on the edge of paleo for so long, that I was just going to waste past it.

Not so.

Last week was a slow deterioration, probably brought on by sleep deprivation and higher stress levels, and by Friday/Saturday, I was crabby, my appetite was out of whack (I’d NOT be hungry and then, RAVENOUS!) and I was generally not a fun guy to be around.  It was made a little easier by going on a hay ride and being outside with the kids Friday and Sunday, but yeah…Big. Brick. Wall.

Couple that with hovering around (but above) the 200 pound mark, and having some irrational attachment to getting below it (which I finally did –  BOO YAH!!), and the additional psychic weight was a bit much to bear for a while.  I haven’t been below 200 pounds in almost a decade, and I’ve been above 220 pounds for longer than I’ve been below it for the past six or eight years

I realize that my healthy lifestyle isn’t going to be defined by some magic weight number.  I’m clear on that, cognitively, but there’s a portion of my mind…some small, yet powerful inner voice that was angrily  to BELLOWING for me to get to below 200 pounds.  Well, voice, here we are…do you mind if I drive for a while?

About cacharbe

Software Engineer, ALM Specialist, Professional Improviser, Lv 1 Certified CrossFit trainer. I eat Paleo and coach others in being successful eating whole, unprocessed, nutritious foods.
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