The conscientious omnivore – My Take

The folks over at Whole9 had an excellent post today that made me stop and think.

My kindergarten (and first grade) teacher said something to us kids that has stuck with me my entire life. “Be a thinking person.” It stuck with me mostly because my parents liked the idea and used it with my sisters and I from the moment they heard it on; but I digress.

We NEED to be thoughtful in our actions. Regardless of our position on the food hierarchy, we are not simple animals driven by instinct. I thoroughly believe in knowing where my food comes from, and how it got to my plate. We need to think about our individual impact on our environment and our society. I’m sickened by what we, as a society, have relegated food to, and how we use it to abuse our bodies and thus I have begun to think seriously about my own participation in this cycle; both for my benefit and the benefit of my children.

We NEED to be thoughtful about what waste we create (and food waste is a HUGE problem). How much of the animal is used? How much of it is used by _me_? Native Americans used every POSSIBLE piece of an animal that was killed for everything from food to tools. In many cases, they revered the animal that they hunted, stalked, killed, dressed and butchered. Think about that… “Sacred Food.” Would we be healthier if we treated our food with that kind of sincere thought? Would you revere a box of cheerios?

We don’t all need to be Temple Grandin when we think about food, but we _should_ be conscious of our choices. What are your thoughts?

About cacharbe

Software Engineer, ALM Specialist, Professional Improviser, Lv 1 Certified CrossFit trainer. I eat Paleo and coach others in being successful eating whole, unprocessed, nutritious foods.
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